Document Your Progress
with a Walking Log

walking journal page

A walking log can be used to document your fitness goals and keep you on track. 

You can choose to document as much or as little information as you want. For example, you can record information like how long you actually walked, how far, how many calories you burned, as well as the weight you started at before your walk and after.

There are pedometers that compile this information for you but most only collect data for 7 days (like my Sportline 360).

Seeing results and keeping tabs on them gives you the road map you need to reach your desired destination.

Pertinent Information to Record in Your Log

  • Places where you walked and and a description of the conditions. (eg. Was the ground flat or hilly? Was it sunny or raining?)

    Certain conditions can affect your mood or physical state.

  • Your heart rate before, during and after your walk.

  • Distance so that you can look back at your recorded mileage and recall the time when you struggled to walk a few blocks.

    Documenting your goals and watching them improve or not will allow you to stay on the path to where you REALLY want to go!

Printable Walking Log

printable walking journal page

A log doesn't have to be the size of a novel. Be concise, while recording the information you want to track.

Use this free printable walking journal page to get started.

Remember, a log is like a gps system in your car or phone. It's the direction you want your exercise program to take you.

Don't get lost; be honest and try to write down everything you notice during your walking time.

You can combine your notes with a food or water intake log as well.

You may find that over time your log will evolve. Just in case this happens, start out tracking more information than you think you might need. Then as time goes on, delete, keep, or add information as needed. 

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